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Complete RV Floor Repair & Roof Replacement Services

At Pit Stop RV, we want to help you improve the condition of your recreational vehicle. No matter if you want the floors repaired or need your roof replaced, we are ready to assist you. We'll make your RV look and function better than before.

Floor Services

Maintaining your floors doesn't have to be a challenge. When you contact Pit Stop RV, we will keep them looking their best. We can fix the damage done to carpets, tile, and linoleum. From filling cracks in tiles caused by heavy objects that were dropped to mending rips in carpets done by pets, we have done it all. We are more than happy to handle your floor repair as well.

Many manufacturers materials last up 4 to 5 years, replacing them will give your RV a new, refreshed look. During this time, the carpet typically gets torn, stained, and worn beyond repair. This is where Pit Stop RV comes in. We will replace it to enhance the interior aesthetics of your RV.

Roof Services

If you want to complete your RV roof replacement, just let us know. Our crew will complete the job perfectly. Typically, we run into roofs that have been worn beyond repair by a low-hanging tree branch. Luckily, our crew has the skills to replace old coverings that have been damaged by extreme weather and other causes.

To install a new covering on your RV, we'll first take off the existing roof. We'll then clean, re-putty, and put in any salvageable components before laying down fresh plywood and membrane material. We will then reseal everything.

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