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Reliable Appliance Repair & Replacement Services

Keeping your RV's refrigerator, microwave, water heater, furnace in good working condition is easy when you turn to Pit Stop RV. Besides being trained technicians, our crew are skilled appliance replacement and repair technicians. We can service any electrical device for customers in central Texas.

Common Issues

If one of your appliances stops functioning correctly, the problem may be an easy fix. We typically run into devices that simply need to be blown out. To complete this appliance repair, we use advanced tools to blow out machines that have buildups of dust and other debris inside of them. This material can cause their electrical components to malfunction. We'll remove it so that everything goes back to working at its highest capacity.

Complex Issues

For appliances that are experiencing issues that are more complex, we may need to replace one or more of their parts. Before fixing anything, we'll first diagnose the problem. We'll then get right to work. It doesn't matter if your machine needs a new circuit board or other components; Pit Stop RV has it covered.

Additional Repair Services

We want to be your go-to source for repair services. For this reason, Pit Stop RV is open to fixing LP leaks in your RV as well. We can also tackle any electrical problems you may be experiencing.

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